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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Answering Service!

A dedicated veterinary answering service, like Kernow Vets Messaging, plays a vital role in the seamless operation of veterinary practices. Beyond simply answering calls, this service offers numerous advantages, such as improved customer service, efficient lead conversion, reduced staff stress levels, and much more. To ensure you make the most of Kernow Vets’ dedicated messaging service, here are our top tips: 

  1. Keep us Informed:  

Keeping our dedicated messaging team updated about any changes in your veterinary practice is crucial. By sharing essential business updates, staff changes, or alterations to internal procedures, we can provide you and your clients with the high-quality service you deserve. This ensures that messages are relayed accurately and promptly to the relevant departments or individuals. Regularly reviewing and updating procedures, especially for emergency callouts or specific medical practices, can further enhance the effectiveness of our service. 

  1. Put Our Service to the Test:  

To gauge the effectiveness of our dedicated messaging service, we encourage you to mystery shop our service by calling your own veterinary practice. This firsthand experience allows you to assess how we handle calls and interact with your clients. It also provides valuable insights into our processes, enabling you to identify areas for improvement. If you discover any aspects that could be enhanced, please inform us, and our team will collaborate with you to design call procedures tailored to your specific needs and those of your valued clients. 

  1. Work with Our Team:  

Whether you are new to utilizing a veterinary answering service or have recently switched providers, it takes time to fine-tune the service to align with your practice’s requirements perfectly. At Kernow Vets, we prioritize understanding your practice’s nuances and processes to provide the most effective support. The more we comprehend how your practice operates and what your clients expect, the better equipped we are to deliver exceptional service. 

  1. Embrace Change:  

Businesses are ever-evolving, and as your veterinary practice grows and changes, your telephone protocols may need to be updated accordingly. Do not hesitate to modify your protocols when you feel they no longer serve your needs optimally. Our dedicated messaging team is here to assist your practice, so reach out to us, share your objectives, and benefit from our wealth of experience. We can offer valuable feedback on what works well and suggest improvements to streamline your communication processes. 

  1. Involve Your Internal Team:  

When introducing an external veterinary answering service, the entire team at your practice can benefit in various ways. By involving every department and team member in the decision-making process, especially during the creation of protocols, you ensure that everyone reaps the maximum advantages of the service. Different individuals within your practice may have unique requirements and insights, so their involvement will help effectively shape your telephone answering protocols’ setup. 

  1. Respond to Messages:  

Ensure that you promptly receive messages from our dedicated messaging team and that they reach the intended recipient with all the necessary information. By replying to messages, you confirm receipt and have an opportunity to provide feedback if anything was missed. Quick responses allow our team to handle crucial customer messages, saving your staff time during busy periods and ensuring rapid resolutions for client issues. 

  1. Seek Advice from Our Team:  

Our dedicated messaging team has extensive experience working with a wide range of veterinary practices. By sharing your goals and providing insights into how your practice operates, we can offer valuable advice based on successful protocols implemented for similar practices. This guidance can help your veterinary practice thrive and achieve its goals. 

To learn more about Kernow Vets’ dedicated veterinary answering service, click here. If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss how our service can benefit your practice, click here.