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Empowering Change: The Partnership of StreetVet and Kernow Vets Messaging

When you combine the determination of a charity aimed at helping animals belonging to homeless individuals with a cutting-edge veterinary messaging service, the results are nothing short of transformative. Let’s delve into the inspiring journey of StreetVet, their mission, and how partnering with Kernow Vet’s Messaging supercharged their operations.

Who are StreetVet?

StreetVet is a national charity working in 18 locations across the UK, their prime focus is to offer free veterinary care to the pets of those experiencing homelessness. Collaborating closely with partners like hostels and soup kitchens, StreetVet not only provides crucial health checks but also continuous care for pets facing chronic conditions. From addressing minor issues like flea treatments to handling emergencies requiring immediate attention, StreetVet ensures no pet is left behind.

A large part of the work StreetVet does involves preventative treatments such as worming and parasite control. During these regular health checks they also often deal with minor concerns such as lumps, bumps, cuts and scrapes. More significant but still common issues include ear infections and skin problems where they help owners to ensure their pet makes a good recovery with practical advice that is as achievable as possible for the owners, even while facing homelessness. For more severe emergencies StreetVet works with local vet practices to ensure pets are seen quickly and given the best possible care.

The Kernow Connection

With such a vast outreach, effective communication becomes paramount. This is where Kernow Vet’s Messaging came into play. StreetVet uses this service to provide a 24-hour response mechanism, ensuring every registered client can reach out any time of day or night.

Every registered client is given a dog tag with the 24-hour helpline number on it so they can reach out whenever they need to, it also means if the pet is found by someone else there is a number to call so StreetVet. can help reunite the pet with their owner.

Once the client calls the helpline, they reach Kernow Vets Messaging, who can assess the call and pass on all the information to the StreetVet team. Sometimes it’s just a case of asking when the next outreaches, sometimes it’s an emergency such as a road traffic accident, or sometimes it’s just they’ve lost the medication.

How does SreetVet benefit from using Kernow Vets Messaging?

1. 24/7 Support

StreetVet is a registered RCVS veterinary practice and can provide 24/7 support, assuring their clients that assistance is just a phone call away. This continuous support system not only strengthens trust but also ensures that in the face of emergencies, immediate action can be taken.

2. Effective Communication

StreetVet consistently praises Kernow Vet’s Messaging for their efficiency and friendliness. The prompt follow-ups, comprehensive information gathering, and approachable demeanor make each interaction smooth and constructive.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

Despite StreetVet’s intricate practice structure, Kernow Vet’s Messaging has shown impeccable adaptability. From regular changes to volunteer availability, adding new locations, to ensuring that every process functions flawlessly, Kernow Vet’s Messaging has proved invaluable.

Why StreetVet Recommends Kernow Vet’s Messaging

It’s simple – reliability, efficiency, and a fantastic working relationship. StreetVet can now focus on their primary mission, knowing that their communication backbone, provided by Kernow, is solid and dependable.

The StreetVet Team had this to say:

“The team behind Kernow Messaging are fantastic. Due to all our locations, we have quite a complicated set-up and the team have done their upmost to accommodate this. When we receive a telephone call, everybody’s so friendly and approachable. They’ve always gathered as much information as they can from the client. […] I would recommend Kernow because they are so efficient at managing our phone tree updates, we have to make regular changes, depending on volunteers’ availability. Every time a change is needed, we contact the team and the amendment’s put into place immediately and works without issue. So, we can rely on their support knowing that it’s going to work as planned.”

StreetVet values their fantastic working relationship with Kernow which allows them to have consistent, easy and effective communication. Kernow contacts StreetVet through phone trees but if this isn’t possible, they also text and email the relevant team member to pass on the information, this means that no call or message is ever missed. If the StreetVet team need more information, clarification or context when reading a text, they can call Kernow back and efficiently get through to the relevant person to give them that clarification.

StreetVet’s Expanding Horizons

The figures speak for themselves. Having conducted over 9,700 consultations and aided over 2,500 animals, demand for StreetVet’s support is surging. The charity has seen a 200% increase in demand over the last 24 months.

The cost-of-living crisis has led to more people becoming homeless and this has meant not only an increase in demand for services but also changes in the type of services and clients that StreetVet are supporting.

StreetVet doesn’t just help with vet care, they also provide a care service for the pet if an owner is hospitalised,they will help organise boarding kennels for those animals for a short period of time.

One of the cores aims of StreetVet is to keep pets and owners together wherever possible and they champion the importance of the human-animal bond. In discovering that less than 10%* of UK hostels are pet friendly, they launched the StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme in 2020 to make it as easy as possible for hostels to say yes to pets and prioritise keeping owners and their beloved pets together.

Currently, many people experiencing homelessness face the impossible choice between a roof over their heads or giving up their best friend. The StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme offers free, accessible veterinary care to registered pets in hostels, as well as support for hostel managers and staff to adopt and implement positive pet policies.

*Dog’s Trust Hope Project and Homeless Link Statistic.

How could you get involved?

If StreetVet’s mission resonates with you, consider volunteering. Whether your strengths lie in veterinary care, administration, marketing, fundraising or finance, StreetVet welcomes all assistance.

StreetVet is always looking for new volunteers across the country, you can apply through their website. Vets and vet nurses are in particularly high demand as volunteers as they can go out and do most of the veterinary work required for ongoing support. But those without vet experience are also valuable to the team in other ways. Most volunteers donate around 2 hours per month of their time. Not only are you supporting a great cause, but you will also meet a wonderful team of volunteers who share your passion for helping both animals and people.

Visit StreetVet’s official website www.streetvet.org.uk to learn more and discover how you can make a difference.