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Case Study: Kernow Vets Messaging Enhances Out-of-Hours Call Handling for a Multi-Disciplinary Animal Hospital.

Background on Practice:

Kernow Vets Messaging had the opportunity to collaborate with a multi-disciplinary Small Animal referral-only teaching Hospital within the University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Science. The hospital provides clinical teaching for 4th and 5th-year undergraduate students, as well as multiple internship and residency programs for post-graduate veterinarians across various disciplines. With approximately 11,000 appointments per year and a staff of around 170, including clinicians, nurses, technical, and administrative personnel, the hospital faced challenges in managing the expectations and demands of primary care practices for their out-of-hours services.

The Main Challenge and Resolution:

The primary challenge faced by the hospital was effectively managing the expectations and demand for their out-of-hours services from primary care practices. The hospital needed a professional and sensitive out-of-hours call-handling provider to handle a high volume of calls while portraying a positive image of the hospital and its services to referring vets and clients. Kernow stepped in to address this challenge by delivering a first-class service to the referring vets, clients, and the hospital’s duty out-of-hours clinical teams.

Understanding the hospital’s requirements, Kernow established a simple and effective call-handling process. They implemented call filtering mechanisms to handle non-urgent calls during normal working hours, allowing their team to focus on urgent and emergency inquiries that required immediate attention from the hospital’s clinical teams. This streamlined approach significantly reduced issues and complaints from service users, leading to improved overall satisfaction with the out-of-hours service.

Testimonial from the Practice:

We have used Kernow’s out-of-hours call handling service since April 2022 and in this time, we have always received a 1st class service. Our in-house clinical teams have reported a marked improvement in the call information communicated to us and we have had no reported issues with the accuracy of the client or referring vets’ contact details or clinical information provided. The call-handling team is always efficient, professional, and empathetic towards our callers and the Kernow management team has supported us however necessary at all times. I can say in all honesty that we have received only positive feedback from our service users with zero negative comments or complaints since switching to Kernow. They have made a significant difference to the lives of our clinical teams working out of hours, allowing them to focus on patient care in the knowledge that any urgent calls will be managed professionally and efficiently by the Kernow team. Switching to Kernow’s call-handling service has proven to be an excellent decision and we are thankful for their continued support.

Ongoing Benefits and Next Steps:

The ongoing benefit of partnering with Kernow is the continued confidence that referring vets and clients will receive the same level of service as the hospital’s internal users. By eliminating routine or incorrect messages during reduced staffing periods, the hospital’s teams can dedicate their full attention to inpatient care and emergency calls, providing the best care possible when it matters most.

Looking ahead, while the hospital does not currently require call overflow handling during normal working hours, the trust established with Kernow gives them peace of mind knowing that they have a reliable service provider to handle potential overflow should the need arise in the future.

Overall, Kernow has proven to be an invaluable partner, delivering exceptional out-of-hours call-handling services and alleviating the hospital’s challenges. Our support has enhanced the hospital’s reputation and ensured seamless communication with referring vets and clients, benefiting both the hospital’s staff and the animals they care for.

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