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A Gift to Your Practice: Kernow Vets Messaging’s Seamless Call Answering for the Holidays

A Gift to Your Practice: Kernow Vets Messaging’s Seamless Call Answering for the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, the last thing veterinary practices want to worry about is managing phone calls during Christmas closures and ensuring seamless emergency cover. At Kernow Vets Messaging, we understand the unique challenges that veterinary practices face during this festive period. Our comprehensive telephone answering services are designed to provide temporary cover for Christmas closures, filter out non-emergency calls, and help practices maintain their own emergency cover efficiently.

Temporary Cover for Christmas Closures:

The holiday season often brings about temporary closures for veterinary practices, leaving a gap in communication with clients. Kernow Vets Messaging steps in as a reliable solution, offering seamless answering services to ensure that no call goes unanswered. Our team is trained to handle a variety of queries, providing peace of mind to both practices and their clients during the festive downtime.

Filtering Out Non-Emergency Calls:

Christmas can be a hectic time, and it’s crucial for veterinary practices to focus on emergency cases rather than being bogged down by non-urgent calls. Kernow Vets Messaging uses advanced call filtering systems to identify and prioritise emergency calls, allowing your veterinarians to enjoy more of their Christmas while still ensuring that critical cases receive immediate attention.

Maintaining Your Own Emergency Cover:

We understand the importance of continuity in emergency cover, especially during the holiday season. Kernow Vets Messaging collaborates closely with practices to integrate seamlessly with their existing emergency protocols. This ensures that your practice maintains control over emergency situations, while we provide the support needed to handle overflow daytime calls and out-of-hours answering.

Flexible Set-Up Before Christmas:

With the holiday season fast approaching, time is of the essence. Kernow Vets Messaging wants to assure practices that there is still time for set-ups before Christmas. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to streamline the onboarding process, ensuring that your practice is fully supported and ready to face the holiday rush with confidence.

In the spirit of giving, Kernow Vets Messaging is here to offer veterinary practices the gift of a stress-free holiday season. By entrusting us with your telephone answering needs, you not only ensure that your team can enjoy a well-deserved break but also guarantee that your clients receive the care and attention they deserve, even during the festive season. Don’t let the holiday hustle overwhelm your practice—sign up with Kernow Vets Messaging today and experience the joy of a smoothly managed phone system during Christmas and beyond.